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Sophie Ekman

Born 15th November 1944
Daughter of Professor Arvid Wretlind 1919-2002, the man behind the "Dietary circle" and the parenteral industry (IV).

Mother Astrid Wretlind 1913-2007
Sister of Professor Bengt Wretlind.
Married to Dr. Elon V. Ekman since 1967.
Children: Louise Ekholm, Karolinska Hospital Doctors
Philip Ekman, M.Sc. in Engineering Physics KTH and PhD.
Grandchildren: Ebba, Emma, Alexander and Elsa

School Chief in Stockholm since 1985
School doctor in Stockholm from 1972
Board member and fund-raiser for the
Foundation Physicians Against AIDS Research Foundation
Chairman antidrug spokeswoman for "Just say no"
Was rewarded with Solna Environment Award in 1994
Albert Schweitzer Medal 1988

Nominated to "årets stockholmska" 1997 by SvD with the justification

the voice of the restless and unbehaved children.
Did the free smoking cessation in Solna municipality where smoking parents could get free nicotine gum and nicotine patches.
Was a strong influence in the introduction of the 18 year limit on tobacco and took away the "smoking square" on Sweden's schoolyards.
Wrote the book "Feeling good in school" in 1998
Working for the understanding of neuropsychiatric disorders.
Member of the childrens neuropsychiatric association.
Collaborates with Gillberg neuropsychiatric center in Gothenburg







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