In this article in Medical Journal (Läkartidningen) Vol Annual 95, you can read about Sophie Ekmans contribution to the school health care and to childrens wellbeing. This article with the headline " A sparkling and engaged school chief doctor" is reflecting her work during the past years.

Sophie Ekman fights for the children, the weak and the vulnerable:
We can all contribute
Now and then it happens, the human being grows beyond the normal measures, carried by his fate, his energy and his own will. Chief Shool Medical officer Sophie Ekman is one such person. A meeting of a few hours with her is to be confronted with a premordial force; a flow of ideas thoughts and oppinions. But it dosent stop at words and visions, Sophie Ekman is a woman of action; known for her innovative commitment concerning smoking prevention activities in the schools and the fighht against aids.


"The Ambassadors Guardian"

For 25 years Sophie and Elon Ekman has had very close contacts with the diplomatic society both private and on National Days. Every year, Sophie Ekman organizes a lunch in June in her home. Sophie Ekman received the epithet The Ambassadors Guardian Angel. For three years, she arranges with the Doyen of the Diplomatic society, The Ambassadors Bal at the Nobel Day.